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25 September 2007 @ 07:17 pm
Tell Me You'll Leave Again (chapter one)  
 Title:Tell Me You'll Leave Again
Author: </a></font></b></a>xoxomaryxoxo
pairing: Ashley(some girl I made up)/ Ryan, Ashley/Brendon
rating:pg 13


Tell me you'll leave again chapter one


Brendon's pov


I walked out of the tour bus, Ryan following me.


"What?" Ryan asked as he closed the door.


"You know I like Ashley, can you please stop flirting with her."


Ryan frowned. "How about we make a bet first person to ask her out wins."


"That's not fair! I've liked her for over a year."


"And you never asked her out? That's a little sad. Dude, I'm sorry but ask her out soon or I will." Ryan said turning to go back onto the bus.


"How am I gonna ask her?" i said before he opened the door.


"I don't know, we're going to Pete's club tonight do it then." He said going back inside, I followed him. Spencer and Jon were both awake now.


Jon and Ashley were playing Halo while Spencer watched.


"Whose winning?" I asked sitting next to Ashley before Ryan could.


"Jon, eleven to nine." Ashley said her eyes not leaving the screen.


"What are you playing to?" Ryan asked.


"Fifteen." Jon said smiling as he sniped Ashley.


"I hate you," Ashley said as the game called Jon the winner.


"I know. When do we have to be at the thing?" Jon asked Ryan.


"Pete's thing or the concert?"






"The only new thing we're doing is Nine, right?"


"Yeah. Ashley, you nervous?" Ryan said smiling at her. Today was the first time she'd sing with us on stage.


"Kind of. If I mess up you won't all hate me right?" Ashley asked turning to me.


"Of course not, I mess up all the time." I said smiling at her. She smiled back at me.


"Do you know what lines your singing?" Ryan asked.


"Yeah, the only song I'm not singing in is But It's Better, right?" Ashley said going to stand by Ryan.


"I think so," Spencer said his mouth full of Ashley's left over Lucky Charms.


Ashley signed she was obviously anxious for the show.


"Don't think about it," Ryan said leaning over to her and kissing her on the cheek. I saw Ashley blush.


"I won't. I'm gonna take a shower." She said going into the bathroom.


"What was that about?" Jon said to Ryan.


"What?" He said, acting confused.


"Brendon's the one whose crazy about her, right?" Jon said looking at Spencer.


"Shut up!" I said worried Ashley might hear.


"Last time I checked." Spencer said ignoring me.


"She grew on me." Ryan said smiling to himself.


"Well Brendon, I think you lost her." Jon smirked at me.


"What the hell does that mean!?" I said, my temper rising.


"You saw her blush, I'd say she likes Ryan. Don't worry though, we can find you a new girl to watch from afar." Jon said.


"Shut up! I didn't watch her from afar!"


"Yeah, you still watch her." Spencer said.


"Come on guys, leave him alone." Ryan said frowning slightly.


"Don't stand up for me!" I yelled at Ryan. I don't really care if Jon and Spencer tease me but Ryan had started the whole thing and for him to tell them to stop was just making me madder.


"Calm down. I'm not gonna ask her out, today." Ryan said seeming a little worried.


"Yeah but you will tomorrow."


"Yeah, I will. So you should try to ask her tonight." Ryan said trying to act calm. Jon and Spencer were now looking at Ryan somewhat shocked.


"Why are you guys yelling?" Ashley said coming out of the bathroom her hair wrapped in a towel.


"No reason," Jon said looking away from Ryan.


"Um, OK." She turned to Ryan. "Want to come to the mall with me?"


I felt my jaw drop. Ryan looked shocked. Ashley was asking him out!


"Can we all go?" Jon asked, he obviously didn't want me to kill Ryan now.


"Sure, usually it's just Ryan who wants to go shopping that's why I asked him. So don't think I'm picking favorites." Her checks were turning pink. I saw her glance at Ryan before she went into the bunk area.


"I'm gonna go get ready." Ryan said following Ashley into the bunk room.


"You better make a move with her," Jon said to me.


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