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We were first!

The Only FBR Het Community On The Block.
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We are the only Fueled By Ramen Hetero Fics. Suck It.

Please follow by these very simple rules:

Drama will not be tolerated. None whatsoever. If you are unsure of what qualifies as drama, then you probably shouldn't start. When in doubt, it's probably dramatic.

Please do not submit posts about RPGs. While we fully support that RPs give writers an outlet for creativity and writer's block, let's not spam the f-lists with the millions of RPs out there. There are RPG promotion communities for that.

If you are interested in promoting for anything (writing communities, band communities, etc) or would like to be considered as an affiliate, please contact a mod before submitting a post. Also, if you would like to promote anything for a band/upcoming tour, please contact a mod before doing so. If deemed relevent, it will be posted.

All submitted fics must have an introduction. You may include dedications, A/N, etc, but each submission must include the following:

Title: Title of your fic goes here.
Rating: G-NC-17
Pairing: Pretty self-explanatory
Summary: Brief summary goes here. Please try to keep it general to the fic as a whole.
Disclaimer: Something along the lines of I DO NOT own such and such band mentioned above. You can make it creative, as long as people know you aren't claiming anyone.
Author Notes: Here is where you put dedications, thanks to betas, etc.
Warnings:Needed If your story includes Rape, Drugs, Suicide, Cutting, Etc.

Please remember to put it in LJ Cuts.

HTML is:

*<*lj-cut text="Type What You Want Here.">Type your cut contents here.</*lj-cut>

Remove the *'s.

We're in need of Beta Readers. If intersteted Email me at i_win_at_life@yahoo.com.



Username: count_in_fives
Name: Steph :D
Any IMs: Countinfives06 or Lwelsh06[Try This one First.]
Email: leesgirlalways@hotmail.co.uk

To sign up Go to the first post....

Disclaimer: As Far as we know, None of this has happened. If it did, Awesome. Don't sue, I'm too Pretty.

The Banner I made:

The Code:

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Remove The *'s

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