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04 October 2007 @ 09:03 pm
Title: Untitled For Now
Rating: I'm not so good with American ratings, so I *think* it'll be a PG-13, just mild swearing.
Pairing: Rumer Nesser (a made up character, Billie Joe Armstrong's niece) and Joe Trohman
Summary: What happens when the troubled bassist of Fall Out Boy falls for Billie Joe Armstrong's niece and will sparks fly when he finds out she has her eyes on someone else?
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the bands featured in this fan fiction, yes *fiction*, I only own the plot, and my made up character Rumer.
Author Notes: I'm honestly not much of a writer, I'm better 'behind the scenes' so to speak, so bare with me as I try. This fic is a Fall Out Boy, Green Day crossover.

Chapter One

"My mum was a junkie, one day her and her, her dealer, had an argument, he ran over the road, she followed, never saw a car and it hit her, she died and my dad couldn't cope, he began taking less care of me and putting all of his energy and focus into his work. My grandparents could see this and I guess thought it was best for me if I came to live with Ades and Bill. I'm sorry, I have no idea why I told you all of that, I mean we only just met and -" I stuttered.

"Hey it's cool," he says taking my hand in his and giving them a gentle squeeze.

"Look there's a store; maybe we can just get jars of coffee." He adds.

"Yeah, although I see a Mike hiss fit coming on, I can hear it now... 'This coffee is crap; no-one can make it like Starbucks can!'"

"Is he really that big on coffee?" Pete asks directing me to the counter, our arms laden with jars of freeze dried coffee granules.

"Big?! Ha! Oh how I long for the days that Mike was just big on coffee, he practically lives on the stuff, most of the work I do is getting coffee for Mike to get him off of the ceiling after one of his many withdrawal attacks." I say, laughing at the look of awe on Pete's face.

"So is Pete Wentz your real name?" I ask out of curiosity.

"Yeah, well my real name is Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III,"

"No-one can make that shit up," I say giggling as we make our way back to the buses, outside of mine and my uncle's bus I get lost in his almost black eyes and I invite him in to meet the guys properly. He accepts and we are greeted by Green Day, all of FOB and Phil, who I run over and hug as soon as I see him.

"Hey gorgeous! Hows life been treating you?" he asks helping me put some jars away.

"I can't complain, Bill's a bitch in the morning still though haha." I say.

"Take it you couldn't find a Starbucks..." Mike says coming in from the bunk section of the bus.

"Sorry Mike, there is no coffee house in Bakersfield, its official, no coffee houses, a lot of skate parks though... you want a cup of my coffee that's going to taste like piss?" I ask knowing the answer.

"No I'm ok Rumer, I'll get it myself later..." he says going off to sulk.

"Now if that's all that everyone wants, I'm off to do some work," I say grabbing my laptop and my sidekick and going to my bunk.

"Rume we're away to finish sound checking," I heard my uncle shout, I gave a quick reply of "ok I might come and watch in a minute," and got back to work.

Half an hour later and I was out watching my uncle and the guys warming up, due to my workload I had missed Fall Out Boy playing, which sucks but I know that'll get to see them play later on tonight.

Oh how wrong I was, nope I won't be getting to see Fall Out Boy perform, oh no I'm forgetting I'm here to work, I have to plan the after party... basically I have to get in loads of beer and find an amp cable that'll fit into someone's iPod for music. It could be worse, I could be doing Dave's job (Dave is a roadie), I could be getting the sweaty towels from my uncle and the guys and giving them new ones, I think I'd much rather be buying loads of alcohol.

The guys gave me their credit cards to buy as much alcohol as I could make home with - I have a feeling its going to be a long night...

The gig ends and I run to find the 4 competition winners that are here thanks to MTV or maybe its TRL I actually can't remember, I find them standing with Chuck, one of the techies.

"Hey, you guys must be the competition winners, am I right?" god I'm starting to sound like Billie when I speak... note to self, stop spending as much time with him...

"Yeah we are..." one of them, a girl of about 15/16, with jet black hair says.

"Good, good, so you wanna go meet the guys?" I see the excitement in their faces build up, so I begin to lead them to mine and Billie's bus, which I'm guessing must be where the after show party is being held as everyone was going in and coming out of it.

"I'll be 2 minutes I'm just going to make sure they aren't getting changed, haha," I told the excited teenagers, that was what made Billie's last PA get fired, she let some kids into meet them when they were getting changed, not only did she embarrass herself and Green Day she must have also scarred the minds of the kids who saw my uncle's... I'm not even going to finish that sentence.

"Whoa you guys are from Fall Out Boy!" I hear them exclaim when I open the door and Patrick and Joe stumble out of it.

"Yeah we are," Patrick says adjusting his hat, what is it with that boy and hats?! The kids got autographs from Patrick and Joe, then the rest of FOB, they then met Green Day and then I knew that I had finished for the day and it was time to get rat arsed! Oh and maybe get to know a little more about the illusive Pete Wentz.
The party was in full swing (I knew this after Tré decided it was time for some Cheech) and Pete was no where to be found.

"Hey Joe -" I got cut off by Tré deciding that I was to be the first tester of his new drink.

"Uh uh Tré, it ain't gonna happen!" I say turning back round to Joe about to finish my question when Tré decides that its Joe who was to be the first tester of his new drink, seeing as the rest of FOB knew better than to try one of Tré's patented drinks. "How bad could it be?" Joe says downing it, he was fine for all of 2 minutes, then his eyes went really huge, "I'm going to be-" he ran to the toilet and we could hear him throwing up from where we were standing.

"Tré what exactly did you put in that?" I ask him.

"A little of this, a little of that," he says making weird hand gestures. It was then that Pete walked in on his Sidekick, he looked upset.

"Hey," I said going to sit beside him, "You ok?" I ask.

"Yeah... yeah, well it's complicated..." he says looking at his shoes.

"You wanna tell me or do I have to make you down some uber strong Cheech first?" I say, smiling slightly, I see the corners of his mouth twitch slightly upwards before he responds.

"I, I just promised someone I'd behave myself that's all." He says standing up and leaving, to, I presumably think, his bus.

"Dude where ya going?" Patrick shouts from across the bus, then getting rugby tackled to the ground by Tré, man he was hyper tonight - wait did I just say that about Tré Cool?!

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful; we went to bed at about 2:30/3ish, it was then the driving to the next location began.

"Morning Starshine! The earth says hello!" I say walking to the front of the bus, where there were 3 very disgruntled looking rock stars clutching there heads.

"How can you be so happy?! Didn't you drink last night too?" Mike asked looking up from his previously full coffee mug.

"Yeah I drank but not so much that I was going to be ill like you guys are today." I say giving my uncle a hug, he was in a pissy mood and I love annoying him, he shrugged me off, and ran to the bathroom to be violently sick. "Gorgeous!" I say grabbing myself a bottle of water from the fridge.

"Rumer there's no Listerine left, or aspirin for that matter, since we've stopped can you go get some?" Billie asks coming in from the bathroom, and giving me the puppy dog eyes, I can never resist them.

"Yeah sure Billie, anyone else want anything?"

"Yeah bring in some movie to watch, we aren't at the next venue yet, and I'm bored already." Tré said handing me some money.

I left the bus, making my way to the nearest convenience store, I walked past FOB's bus and figured I'd look in on them and see how they were feeling this morning.
I pop my head in the door and come face to face with a wide awake Joe Trohman, Patrick was on his other side clutching his head, similar to Mike, he also had an empty coffee mug.

"Good Morning," I say to them, letting myself in.

"What's so good about it?" Patrick asks.

"Billie, Mike and Tré's hangovers, I love it when they suffer from the night before and I feel absolutely fine!" I say taking a swig of my water bottle. "Anyway, I gotta split, I have to run to the store and get some things, see yous later!"

I get to the store, pay for the aspirin and mouthwash and head back to the bus.
"Rumer, your back, at last!" Tré says coming and taking the aspirin off of me. "Yeah we nearly left you, the remembered you have the aspirin so we made them wait on that."

"Thanks Tré, you really know how to make me feel loved, you know that right?"

"I sure do kid, now what movies did you get?"

"Well I'm a Tim Burton freak, so I got Edward Scissorhands, Beetlegeuse, and Nightmare Before Christmas." I say producing each one out of a bag.